Something cool... i think
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2002-03-04 22:06:44 (UTC)


Yea so I am just startin this diary or whatever it is
called. I hope you like it.

You know how it is I'm sure... When your friend finds a new
guy and can't stop talkin about him... well that happened
today. Gosh I was having such a great day too. But now I am
here... crying. Me and *Ann had plans... I mean we were
making them. And then she gets an invite to do something
with *John so guess what she does... She says she can't do
anything with me. I was so mad... I told her " fine if you
want to do something with him, after makin plans with me
fine" and I put my headphones on with the music all the way
up. Then about a half hour later she has the nerve to tell
me that she got hurt! OMG i was so mad. I know this sounds
so selfish but once in a while you gotta be selfish. If you
aren't people are gonna walk all over you right? I just
wish girls would learn that boys (I stress boys) won't
always be there, but friends will. I just wish everyone
would see that. Maybe it isnt that easy tho. I don't have
any experience really. I mean I have never had a guy truly
like me. I know thats sad. But whatever. After seeing what
it does to friendships I dont know if I exactly want one to
like me... Its so hard being a teen. I hate it... Only a
few more years of highschool. Then off to college... Then
maybe it will change... I doubt it tho. (* means names have been
changed, I cant go havin my friends readin bout themselves can i?)

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