Corruption in all its beautiful forms..
2002-03-04 22:01:28 (UTC)


he he he, im excited. Some people are going to pay. Stupid
people, geeze, why couldnt they just mind their own
business, but NO NO THEY COULDNT SO now they will pay.
Paint GI red, i like red, its a nice color. Chillin at
Josh's. The computers being cock. It makes me angry.
Therapy tonight, oh goody, my therapist wears cowboy boots,
its kinda funny. Medication next week, gonna try to make me
all happy and shit. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY. marijuana makes me
happy, it also makes me stupid, but alls fair in smoking
weed. So last night i started talking to my cousin again,
thats good, i hadnt talked to her for like 3 months or
something, we were so close, like woah, then it all went to
shit, i hope everything stays good this time. Well, im
done, im tired.B