mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-03-04 22:00:10 (UTC)

Lisa , I DO LOVE YOU !!!!!

Lisa - what has happened to you over the past few days ???
Just because i am not interested in a cut in pay, you have
totally turned on me. I LOVE YOU and MIKE, and NICOLE VERY
MUCH !!! I am very far from perfect, but I am trying.... If
I didnt love you , why in the name of God would I move from
west haven where i am much closer to my job & children to
be with you , a 1hr ride, as well as spend over twice as
much to pay for gas each week???? Lisa, you mean the world
to me, my kids love you as well, I dont know what this is
all about exactly, but I want you to know that I DO LOVE
If i had my way, we would already be married, and we would
also have custody of Jon & Jess as wellI am doing what I
can for us, if I need to spend more time w/mike & nicole, i
will try , I dont do anything for them that i wouldnt do
for jon or jessica. When i am down with them , I dont spend
as much time as i would like with them, and we arent
running around spendin lots of money either, if kids want
to play a game , ill gladly do it, i didnt know that they
had any board games, other than scrabble & trivial persuit.
I want us all to be a family, and i thought that was what
you wanted as well. I am not going anywhere, I am yours