a little piece of me
2002-03-04 21:29:41 (UTC)

i hate mondays...especially this one

today has not gone well at all. i had to get up early this
morning to shovel my drive way and to scrape the ice off my
car. really should have done it yesterday, but i didn't.
as i was scraping the ice off the back window (made of
plastic), the scraper went through it, putting a huge hole
in it. the cold weather had made it really brittle. i was
still very pissed, to say the least. that's going to cost
me a few hundred dollars to fix, plus another couple
hundred for the windshield. i have no idea where the hell
i'm supposed to come up with money for this. i have spring
break to pay for, i have to go see heather this summer, and
i'm moving to some strange place where i know no one and
have no connections. humph.

oh, before i forget, lester...i read your entries. i just
want you to know that you haven't done or said anything to
cause any problems. i know i haven't written you back in a
while, i just, i don't know...i just can't right now. i
know i'm being very rude, and i'm sorry. i'm still in a
bit of a slump and am trying to keep communicating with
others down to a minimum. it seems that i screw up
everything, and i don't want to screw up what we have right
now. so, i think, it's best if i just step back for a
little while.

anyway, the critique in metals went ok. the visiting
metalsmith really liked my container. there were a couple
other really cool ones there. some people put very little
time and effort into theirs, which was blatanly obvious.
tonight i have to go to the design studio and finish up my
boot. i just have to add shoelaces, but that could take a
while. they're very delicate and detailed. i want to do a
good job, so i can't rush. i have a test in my night
class, as well. just finished up the essay portion a few
minutes ago. it's a lot of bs, but i think it will be ok.
i'm not going to study for the test for tonight...i would
have to reread everything, and i'm just not in the mood.
i'll go in a couple minutes earlier than usual and flip
through my notes and book some, i guess. i just need a d
in the class. hehe, really good, eh? to go from an honors
student to aiming for a d? oh well. that's life.

well, i didn't get much sleep at all last night, so i think
i'm going to go take a nap before my class tonight. damn,
have to look something up first. oh well. will take a nap


ps...scott, sorry about last night. my head is feeling
better today, though :) did you talk to her??