Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-03-04 20:53:20 (UTC)

Crash And Burn. (8 Year Old Method).

Ah, that's an intriguing title! Aha!

No, it was quite a boring, normal weekend, nothing special

But...on Saturday, my computer took it upon itself to stop
working in its traditional way (having friendly errors
every now and then, but allowing me lee-way, and a good
rest tending to sort it out) by screwing itself over in
such that I had to reinstall Internet Explorer on more than
one occasion. I was most upset.

But...eventually I've found a happy (albeit slightly
slower) medium, and so you come to read this. Finally. Wish
I'd had something to write about more exciting from
Saturday, but no.

Sunday, however, was packed with the association football
goodness one would normally associate with Saturday, and,
although the game was a triumph, and I scored a good goal
for the first time in many a week, we very much left the
ball in a tree. Despite my agile tree-climbing, I'm too big
to nimbly weave my way through branches, and it was kinda
high, so we left it overnight.

Today we came back and tried again. First on our way back
from uni, Lee gave me a leg-up, I fumbled around again, but
various parts of my body were just too big (arms, legs,
that kinda thing, y'know). So...inspired idea. We rushed
home, eager for, well, gloves. I had a thought.

A 2 litre bottle, filled with water and with string
attached! Throw it up, and retrieve it. Hmm? Great in
theory. Less good in practise. String winds round middle
finger, bottle in air, flying, starts burning through, rips
skin off finger. I say "Crap. I;ve lost my middle finger."
It stays. Just.

Lee climbs into the tree, fetches the ball with, well, it
wasn't easy, put it like that, we are winner. Now? I'm
tired, aching, and hungry.


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