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2002-03-04 19:41:06 (UTC)

The Monacle of the Octopus. The flaw of "An Honest Proposal"

I was on my way home on the bus, actually I think it was on
my way to the bus from my classroom that I realized it. For
some reason I happened to have been thinking of "An Honest
Proposal" by Jonathan Swift. If you don't know what it is,
it is an elaborate proposal about babies as a source of
food. It is really genius. He describes them namelessly
until the end when he names them. But I came to see the
flaw in this. The baby cannot just materialize out of
nothing. The mother must be eating something for the baby
to grow, otherwise it will do damage to both the baby and
the mother. Though the proposal is truely genius, it just
could only occur under the circumstance that the population
at the point in time that the process was to begin would
eat other humans to lower the population. Then the process
of concieving the babies would begin.

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