The lost little girl
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2002-03-04 18:37:16 (UTC)


ok..so we ended up going to Steal Hill..and i loved it.
there were a lot of people there but it wasn't so bad.
after that we went to Kenny's party..and it was awesome.
Yeah i had to limit my fun b'cuz i'm still sick. but it was
cool anyways. me and aaron ended up staying over. ok..i know
everyone has one of those nights when there is so much going
on you just can't sleep..well this is for you:
- Linus is snoring so loud...i think he woke up NH.
-me and aaron begin a round of " lets throw penny's
to get him to shut up..doesn't work!
- Benner is completely passed out...i mean..yeah..not
moving off the couch what so ever
- i tried to get him to move..he didn't listen.
(doug and the rest of the guys come back from another apt.)
- very loud boys who are still completely drunk.
- dug says " hey come lay down with me..i won't try
-Not only was he snoring very very loud...he took my
blanket and continued by pushing me off and onto
the floor..well not the floor i kinda landed on
aaron first.
needless to say i slept for 20 mins..benner got a mouthfull
of skippy and we all had a good time laughing our asses off
the next morning..

love- janie

Daily quote : "FUCK YOU I'M FROM TEXAS " - linus's shirt