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This is Reality?
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2001-05-07 19:30:30 (UTC)

Better and better!

Today just keeps getting better and better! :: rolls eyes ::

I'm typing out what I wrote this morning while the rest of
the school took the SOL's (Standards of Learning tests).
I"m not sure why this goes from present to past tense, and
then future interchangably, but it does. I didn't have
coffee this morning, so I geuss I just wasn't awake.

*Again, whomever sent the message from before, please let
me know who it was. 'Preciate it!*

Today keeps getting better and better. This morning I found
Harry's backpack on the bathroom counter. It'd been soaking
in the bathtub because the cats had pied on it. So there
was this watercat peeTide clothes detergent goop all over
the bathroom counter. That was ab absolute delight to clean
up at six a.m.!

Right after I finished that, thetoilet freaked out. I had
to turn off the water, and tell myself that I didn't have
the time or patience to deal with it so early.

I got showered and dressed without much incident, except to
realize that I'd grabbed my black tank top that I run in,
instead of a t-shirt. Somehow I finished getting ready,
woke up the boys, and made it out the front door by 6:50am.

I had the distinct feeling I was forgetting something in
the rush to get out the front door. It wasn't just one
thing, it was two- my flower for Biology dissection, and
teh money I raised for Chorus that was due on Friday.


We waited (my neighbors and I) for the damn school bus for
about thirty minutes before it finalyl showed up. I got to
see my brothers get on their school bus. I think it was
about 45 degrees outside this morning. It wasn't freezing,
but it was damn cold! Just as I said "Five minutes and I'm
going home," the sub bus showed up.

I'd really been looking forwards to staying home, by
7:25am. I could have finished the laundry, cleaned up the
bathroom, slept, cleaned up the backpack mess in the
bathtub/counter, done my homework for A day, and done the
dishes. DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!

Once at school, I went ot the cafeteria to waitfor the SOL
takers to take their history tests. Being in AP History,
I'm only responsible for the National Exam. (Oh joy) Being
increbily hungry, I bought a bag of Doritos and some
frosted doughnuts. I"d given the peanu-butter crakcers that
were supposed to be lunch to my brother while we were
waiting for our respective buses because he hadn't eaten
much breakfast, and was still hungry.

I've finsihed my English homework, and find myself
wondering how I"ll be able to get everything done this
afternoon. And tomorrow. I have to sit here like this again
tomorrow. If only there was a computer in here.

If only.

*** All before 10am.**

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