Mysterious Attitude
2001-05-07 19:09:49 (UTC)

Monday May 7,2001

~~~Last Night~~~

Umm... well not long after my entry yesterday... my sis
paged me... and she came by to pick up sum FreeStyle
tapes... then after she came by I called up Lou... and his
roomate answered... I was like damn not again... but u know
what he told me he was "sorry.. I didn't mean to hurt u or
anything(he was talkin bout when he was playin mind games
on me)... your probably scared of me now huh?¿" I was like
nah... I'm just mad... and he was like don't be... I'm
sorry ok...I was like aight.... So he finally gave the
phone to Lou.. who just woke up...we talked for a few
minutes but he kept yawnin...So I let him go so he could go
and take another nap.. he was supposed to call me when he
got up but he didn't :( I got back online after that... and
was talkin to Kelly.. who seems to be breaking down :( She
even had begun to cut herself :( She sent me an email sayin
what happened and stuff.. and I was tryin to make her feel
better... well I guess that Bobby,John, Drew, and sum other
people came by.. thank god and they were talkin to her...
While I talked to John hehe.... we both were really
worried... I mean Kelly is like my only best friend in this
world and I don't want anything to happen to her... Well
John and them left bout 20 minutes later or sumthin like
that... and Kelly got back online to talk to me... I was
sendin her things bout Friendship and actin crazy... hoping
to make her feel a lil better.. I even was
sayin ":::Singing::: Don't Worry Be Happy"...Which I think
it worked... Aight well after that Ricky paged me... but
when I called his house he just left... I was like well
damn.....lol I called my paged to delete all the numbers
and I noticed a number that didn't go through.. So I gave
it a call.. and it was Ricky :) So we talked for a few
minutes but he had to go.. but he paged me back at 8
sumthin and we were talkin dirty and stuff... hehe and I
was sorta moanin... he was too and damn he soundz sooo
good.. but just cuz I was lol... I tell u... we made new
sex games doin with Baseball... he bringz the bat and
balls... and I bring the glove... lol hehe sounds fun
doesnt it... he was sayin all these different sports we
would play if I came over to his house... I guess they r
called "Sex Sports" lol I dunno... Well I talked to Ricky
until bout 9:30 cuz my mom made me get off the
phone ::sniff:: So I was watchin tv and listenin to music
until bout 1:30 am.. So I got online and started to play
this game... and guess who got on?¿!! Kelly and John... so
I was talkin to both of them.... and John was like bein
kinky with me... which hey... hehe I didn't mind... its to
damn bad we r soo far away.. cuz I would love to be his
gurl.. :( Well my mom yet again made me get offline and was
tellin me to go to bed.. I was like damn I'm always up this
late and I aint' goin to school tomorrow anyway.. she was
like I don't care... So I started to cry cuz I didn't want
to let John go.... but I had to :( So I said my goodbyes
and went over to my grams house to watch this funny
movie... and I went into my room.. and started to write the
words down to this FreeStyle song... which was hard cuz the
guy speaks spanish and I dunno what he is sayin or how to
spell it.. lol then I did sum homework..... and finally at
like 4 I went to bed... I had my alarm set to go off at 7,
735, and 745 and I didn't hear any of them... lol

~~~Today~~~ 2:02 pm

Well lets see.. I just got up.. and I called my mom and
asked her if she could take me out shoppin cuz I got like
45 dollars to spend.. and it is makin a hole in my
pocket... lol She was like yeah... get ready.. I get off at
3 and u can come with me to take Terri home.. I was like
aight... but I gotta write in my diary first then I'll get
ready.. she said ok and we hung up... but I can't take my
damn shower cuz David is still in there = / So I'll just
keep writin until he comes out... lol Well later I may call
Chuck cuz I had my mom pick me up a phone card.. and he is
like buggin me to call him.. So I guess I will... U know
what... I was lookin over sum of my past entrys.. cuz I'm
pritin them out to make a lil book sorta thing. and I
noticed that I have a lot of guyz I talk to... I mean I'm
not a whore as sum people who read this may think... I just
talk to a lot of people... and it's not like I go and hump
all of them either actually I haven't done that with any of
them.. most of them r just friendz.. or sumtimes we talk
dirty to each other.. I mean I feel like a player.. and I
think I need to stop... but If u think bout it..I'm not
really doing anything wrong... but anyway.. David just got
out.. So I'm bout to go take my shower and get ready... So
bye bye 4 now