Pure Belligerence
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2001-05-07 18:59:55 (UTC)

*Soap operas.... for men*

Dammit, nobody can come with me on vacation yet! I
a friend to go with me, iv never gone on vaca with out a
friend. Im going in 25 days...... alicia and roxy are
still maybes. We had more CAPT today.... math.... i think
i did really well.... 3 hours of fun filled math first
thing this morning but we got to miss a b and c period. I
have english and i knew she was gonna do this.... my
teacher mrs. thompson is a major annoyance to me, but for
some reason this lady loves me. Im and average student....
who just happens to be very very lazy. I am told just
about everyday im not working up to even half my
potential. I just got an iq test done to me.... 153....
they say thats pretty good. And i guess now theyre gonna
bug me even more now about being a strait b student. Well,
anyway, i acctually tried on my essay..... got an A.....
and she made me read it to the class. Ugh, i hate that.
And then i had bio. I stayed up untill 1 last night doing
a poster and essay on echinoderms.... fun fun. I didnt
have to present it today but i will tomorrow... great.
Then in global studies mr o, the student teacher, was being
really fucking annoying. He was telling us how he was
gonna go watch smack down tonight.... i guess thats
wrestling.... and hes gonna wear his stupid super man shirt
so he can see himself on the tv. They tell me that the
wrestling people go to hartford a lot.... (in case you
didnt know capital of connecticut) I might just have to
suffer the inconvenience of having to watch such dribble
just to see him act like and idiot.... can you say
extortion? Hmm, its 2:50 now and kat is gonna be here in
50 mins.... were gonna go get some coffee. It should be

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