Loo's Daily Affirmations
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2002-03-04 16:26:17 (UTC)

Continuing good stuff!!!! Yay!! Yay!!

So, at some point last week, I noted that the scales were
reading 5 lbs down.... Today, at my 1 week weigh in, I had
lost 8 lbs!! 8, that's right, I said 8!!!!

I noted to a couple of people when I started this diet,
that it may not be the healthiest. It may not be a way to
keep weight off forever. It may be a short term solution to
a long term problem. But I also needed some kind of quick
results to motivate my. Well, by damn, these 8 lbs have
motivated me. I don't care if 4 of them ARE water, because
that still leaves 4 to be real lbs lost. And that has made
me excited! It has made me wanna go walk a couple extra
miles RIGHT NOW!!

Further, I have passed my 2 month mark for not smoking.
This is the longest I have ever gone without cheating
somehow on smoking since I was 14. I am 31 now. Non-smokers
may not realize the huge nature of this accomplishment, but
by damn, I do. And it's GREAT. Now, I am really sick of my
roommate who leaves "A" cigarette out on the table by the
couch where I have my morning coffee. Or who blows smoke
ate me sometimes while saying "Miss it?" But, screw her.
She stinks. Literally.

Now, on to my last accomplishment. I amde my deposit of my
change. :) It was just enough with my babysitting money. I
did the right thiong to make SURE I would stay in the clear
on all of my payments. I am already figuring my budget for
next week, that I am going to stick with. Because for the
first time in a while, I will have a full check and none of
it will be eated by overdraft charges. That, in itself, is
an accomplishment as well.

Now, I am not going to bother to lie. That wasn't done all
on my own. Regardless of my age, I at least admitted I have
had messed up finances & tried to fix them myself. I think
because of that, my dad loaned me $40 and a tank of gas. I
am going to pay him back Friday. My parents were both dolls
though. The loaded me up with food & we had a really good
time this weekend....

All in all, things do not seem totally messed up right now.
I have a friend who is very depressed & trying to make me
that way, but I am staying away from that. I am going to
haev to guard myself, because I want to keep feeling good
and focused and capable for as long as I can carry it out...

Bye for now!

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