2001-05-07 18:56:14 (UTC)


Well I just got back from school, another boring long day.
It kinda sucked. I dont have nothing to say now I know
boohoo! but anyways im so hungry Im just stiiting here
drinking the blue juice chris gave me and listeningt to
mandy moore. Im so sleepy I wanna take a good nap fall
asleep listening to otown~i love there cd! its the best. I
know im a pop music freak yea i do like britney,nsync which
I love with all my heart basically everyone besides the
sucky bsb and bitch christina. yea thats it. but i have to
admit otown and dream arer my new fav's i also like edens
crush a bit. anyways like you want to here what i listen
to. well i know nothing is gonna happen today. boo! but
damn i wish i could of gotten a chance to go to tori's
house damn i could of ate some italian homemade italian the
real deal italian food damn i have to marry a cute brown
hair blue eyed tall sexy italian guy. mmm that would be
real good. well instead of italian i have to have spanish
food whoo hoo like everyother day, well im gonna go GOD
PLEASE LET ME HAVE A GOOD DAY!!! no make it good week!
until next time my friends
P.S i hope the modeling agency calls me soon im dying of
antisipation oh and mjtusa calls me again ;) wish me luck!