The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2002-03-04 15:57:21 (UTC)

Who were the Rosenburgs?!..i ask you!

Well Ashley has History with me!! well until we stop being
in the library... but thats cool atleast i get to see
her...right..right!?!? well ummm i did nothing over the
weekend...i worked and i did nothing..ummm...i like to eat
Gummi Bears!...i do an dimy mommy bought me a 5 lbs bag of
gummi bears!!..yah thats right i know your all
JEALOUS!! and ears DONT hurt!!..ha
ha?!...ummm...i dont know!....i have no clue what to write
as usual...although i am going to be going to see the
musical that are school is putting on..i am not quite sure
when i am going whether i am going to go 15th and 16th or
8th and 9th..i will most likely go both Friday and a
Saturday, so i can atleast see both of them. i know that i
am going on the 16 b/c that is when my mom and dad and i
are going, but i wanted to go on a friday most likely the
8th, but ill ill talk to you all later..