Little Bird

Private Babbling
2002-03-04 15:57:15 (UTC)

Saying Goodbye to the Old Barn and Old Year

So this weekend I got a new mare. She is 16 years old, pure
Egyptian (old bloodlines), grey, blind in one eye and due
to having been starved a while ago, she has a bit of a sway
She seems like a good mare. She has really small ears and a
good neck. Of course she is club footed and a little scared
right now but I hope in time she will calm down.
She hasn’t been ridden in a year or so. I can’t wait to
start working her. I might even teach her how to drive. I
had her turned out in the round pen of our new barn; she
put her tail up and pranced around. She was so pretty.
I like the way Magic looked a little more but Miss El Le
(the new mare) has the bloodlines I am looking for.

Comet will be going to the new barn this Sunday. It’ll be
nice having both horses in one place. The only down fall of
the new place is that there is no indoor arena. They may
build one this summer. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Things just got too weird at Maranatha. When my house
burned down Pam gave my son a coat and in the same breath
she asked him to get the board check from me. C’mon! Have a
little compassion! Honestly, I don’t want to leave but I
don’t like to be abused. I also don’t like the way Eric
was ‘training’ Pam’s horse and doing a couple other little
things around there and getting $$$ off from his board. I
offered my help and I even rode Lady often but Pam never
gave me any breaks. I think there were only really 3-4 of
us paying board at all. She is going to find out what it’s
like to fuck people over the way she did us.

I don’t feel like being at work today but I don’t really
have a choice right now. I am looking for another job
closer to the ponies. SPEAKING of ponies: the new barn has
a pony party business and they said they would pay people
to help walk the little bugers. That may be one way to get
something knocked off my board.

We are still staying in the HT trailer. Adam and Albert had
a fight...Adam told Albert to get someone else to run the
stable and Albert asked my Mother what I was doing. I
should seriously consider moving in on that territory. As I
was telling Jim the other night, I've actually been around
the world and back. Someone with my kind of experiance
needs to be in charge there. You have to let kids be kids
and give them the chance to get off the ranch.