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2002-03-04 15:20:59 (UTC)

Baby girl

well ladies and gents...Its been a bit o time since I last
updated this diary.
Anywasy, I am now a proud daddy of a very cute daughter.
Goddam, who woulda thunk it.
This last month has been tough for my wife and I..you know,
total lack of sex and all..hehehe. Now we gotta wait
ANOTHER month..shit, Im so horny I gotta go on the internet
to see naked women.
Seriously, my daughter is a dream child...Im changing as I
write this entry. The responsibility is flowing from my
daughter into me and my wife..I guess I have to throw away
all those dirty DVD's now.
she is making little noises right now, and I am drawn to her
subconciously...it really is freaky...but I MUST check to se
if she is OK.
She is fine, just bored I guess.
well, later folks...
Anyone want some XXX DVD's?