April Dawn

Lucky Me
2000-12-09 15:56:46 (UTC)

Getting Ready..... for..

Getting Ready.....
for Christmas is a real burden.
I have been taking 2 wks just to decorate a tree. Well,
finally, last night I got it done. For the 1st time it
looks like an adult tree.
What is the difference? Well, for years, our tree was
decorated by the kids. Anything that McDonalds, Burger King,
etc.sold or gave away went on our tree. (smile).
A nice memory.
Now, the kids, are adults and my tree needed an adult touch
for once. A new "face lift"! (smile)
After 25 yrs. my husband, when he saw the tree, said that
is was "Beautiful!", I almost fainted!
I think I am feeling better now, (I was depressed) I was
told that it is the "December blues".
Tonight is my husband's work christmas party.
We usually have a "Great" time.
I will talk more on that tonight.