punker waiting for godot
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2002-03-04 09:59:09 (UTC)

'77 punk show tonight

same weekend as last one. cept i just came from a punk
show. my old friends johnny stingray and kid spike from
the "controllers" and another old band "the rotters".
really great to see ledgends like that get out and play
again. i mean really. stingray and spike are hands down
the best punk rock guitarist ever!!!. and i have seen them
all. any time you see a punk band, the guitar owes his
life to these two guys. they invented that sound and style
of play, back when we were all young. ahhhh memories.

anyways i'm tierd and i had the same long grueling weekend
as last one. playing playing playing. i auditioned
for "new prophet" today and the girl singer said she liked
me and i was top on the list. but won't make up her mind
untill march 19th. nice cute short girl that sings like an
angel. we'll see.
auditioners for guitar in "rebuilt V8" are still poring
in.. is the list of guitar players in L.A. never ending?
so far i like james from"slum lords". and since i'm in his
band there won't be a scheduling problem.

nuff said.

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