Like a book
2001-05-07 17:19:28 (UTC)



**Every time he needs to fill a form he can't find the
papers, finding the papers takes him longer than filling it
in, he takes up so much space, and how much space I use-
just one draw in the cabinet, any time he asks for the
papers from my part it takes me only a few seconds to find
them - Mum.**

Today i was supposed to go to Chesington (world of
Adventures!) but due to a lack of adult supervision i was
held back. I was also supposed to assist mum in painting the
walls but mum's shoulders hurt and that went down the drain,
and then there was that whole study thing, disaster when
your concentration span does not exceed that of an ant (now
don't get me wrong, ant's are perfectly smart insects, i'm
just referring to the chaotic movement that comes with
pouring water down their little hills ::cackles::)

All those plans made, and broken, great. No, really, great.
We rented a movie (fifth element,) watched it (well duh) and
basically relaxed, though I'm not unaware of the lack of
things to relax from, no-one knows the dull extents that my
life reaches better then me.

**The next door neighbours garden is always lovely, I really
hate that ::hysterical laughter:: (mum... again)**