Online With Patrick D. McCormick
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2002-03-04 05:33:21 (UTC)

3/4/02 12:16:44 AM MON MORN

Weekends are a real hard time for me to write, because I
usually write at night and it seems like on weekends, the
whole night is skipped and goes straight on into the
morning. So this weekend was very short, although I did a
lot of things and had plenty of ideas.

I had a short online business meeting with Carl; we
discussed re-releasing the last Media Violence (we have
been thinking about it for a long time). And we discussed
releasing a greatest of AED CD. A band called Red Square
wrote me assuming AED was still together and asked me to
come down to play in Georgia. I view that for as an
invitation for Media Violence too (seeing as MV is just a
newer [more techno advanced] incarnation of late AED)

Carl and I also sent a new MV track back and forth, way
heavier than the rest of the new record, that’s my thought,
but it sdefinatly screams MEDIA VIOLENCE.

I want to turn my novella “Giving Up The Ghost” into a
longer screenplay version. Why? There’s some much else
going on in that story that can only be left to the
reader’s imagination. However I want people to see again
the vision I had just a little more perfect.

I need to paint.

On Saturday I went to an improvisational acting workshop.
I also watched the movie “Fight Club” for the first time.
I have no opinion on it yet, I need to watch it again, and
so far I think its pretty damn good. Edward Norton is in
my opinion one of the best male actors alive today.

Last week was extremely hectic for me, this one should be a
little bit more relaxed, I do go to Hampton on Fri (or
Sat). Im going to practice with Media Violence, work on
that stuff. See If I can’t get my laptop fixed, and maybe
hang out with my mom. I want to see their new house the
week we come back. Kerry will go with me. I can use these
two opportunities to unload some of the stuff I DON’T need
around here.