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2002-03-04 02:05:10 (UTC)

Story repetitive - when Mel forgot hope

Sunday night she was there. With her unique all days friend.
Not me neither Carol. They are in same path. Even they did
not come from same place.
I was there with them. I always there anywhere with no
reason. I believed I am happy because it.
Mel think she had left by friends and future and has only
what is left for her. Some tough peoples. I think if would
be worst or better she without them. But with false friends
of streets of my home town. Well they did lead her to this
dark path. Tought people come like a river flows.
I will be standing by her side.
I heard about some old friends too. I told them to send
greetings next time. Old friend was not so good. It may
a sign that friends without friends may be lost. They made
some wrong choices. And they are slave of their own
conscience and fears. Just need to draw away their
conscience to be free again.
Tomorrow another day in paradise with small cats and dogs
and friends forever.