my thought's deep inside
2001-05-07 14:26:55 (UTC)

life's good

well this weekend was fucking good! i went too my dad's and
had to go to toronto to go bowling and i did good wich
does'nt suprise me hahahaha ! well i really cant wait to go
home because i really miss my house and it's depressing to
go home on the weekend and not be able to stay! it sucks but
it will all be over soon. well Amy if you read this hay what
girl! thanx for that feedback! yes i like YOUR
country!hehehe it's all good! so yah this weekend was kool.
oh fuck friday Meaghan stood me up she said she got kicked
out of her house so she had to leave but i dont think so. it
really hert i was begining to actually like her well sucks
to be her not dont it? well thats all i have to say so buy
for now