the life of a not so perfect KT girl
2002-03-04 04:06:30 (UTC)

I have no good titles so yeah

well lets recap this weekend .. okay so yeah basically
everyone is grossly happy except me .. I am lonely .. I am
offically taking out an add that right I just need to
figure out where to post it .. maybe on here ya never
know ... but I kinda fear maybe I will get like wierdo
answers like " hey my name is Frank and I wanna spak you
with a wire hairbrush ." I mean that s just beyond me ..
and sounds quite painful .. I am starting to hate the
whole "we are talking" thing .. because the min I find
someone that I can actually say we are talking the are
becomes were.. I think I am just going to become a nun and
forget all boys well I should say men .. I mean it will be
me and the Priests.. that right ... humm no I think that is
a little extrem but seriously this whole dateing thing well
it just really stinks .. guys are ither so needy they are
stiffling ( Kennith ) or so non needy ( Jason M.) that I
get no love attention or affection and I end up crying and
breaking up with them .. I just can't win .. well maybe I
should say I don't want to win .. I mean it is my choose to
date these guys but who knows I am always blind sighted by
this kinda thing .. and why is it that mannners seem to be
so much to ask of a guy .. is it wrong that they pay and
open doors and such .. I mean really now .. it kinda like "
did your mother teach u nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I dunno and another thing I so scared about moving out next
year .. like I am so dependent on my parents I think I
might die but I don't wanna be one of those 30 year old
kids who still live in the basement and spong mom and dad
for money on the weekends b/c they can not get a job b/c
they couldn't get into college .. b/c they spent most of
their time worrying about others and not about their
priorotes ... I mean for some people this hits way to
close to home .. and I have one thing to say to those
people .. "get over it !! get out and off your lazy ass and
get away .. move out .. pick up and get it together your to
old to still be living at home !!!!!!" yes harsh I know but
hey someone has to say it .. why not me ..yeah well ne ways
yeah so I am not really sure what to do I am so taking
suggestion on what to do about his whole boy situation and
I refuse to believe that the right one will eventually come
along b/c he should have been here long ago .. damn UPS ..
ne ways yeah so please suggest stuff ..
until next time this moment has been brought to u by the
letter "p" as in pissed off :)