a poetic Heartº
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2002-03-04 03:55:01 (UTC)

with her-commited to me (not done)

Only our friends know about us
We can't tell anyone right now, only people we trust
When you were with her you were commited to me
And now that youve left her, "we" can finally be
You told me you want me, I said I want you too
And I told you yes, when you asked me to go out with you
Today I sit here alone because your not here
I just wanna go home, so that you I can be near
I miss you so much I need you so bad
Without you this day makes me so sad
WE first held hands thats how we bot knew
And every day since our love has grew
Im so scared cause I'm falling so fast
I don't want it to end I want it to last
It just seems to good, like theres a catch somewhere
But I know theres no catch We had our first kiss, and it
was so sweet