Everyday Shit
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2002-03-04 03:45:11 (UTC)

Appetizers Anyone?

Today I drove...alot. And thought. I'm at a point in my
life where I don't know what to do with myself. I really
don't. I can't make anyone happy. I'll be graduating in a
year. Which means I have to plan for the future. So what
the fuck am I going to do? I have good grades I
suppose.I'll be taking SATs in two weeks. I can't wait. I'm
so mathmatically impared I'm sure I'll bomb the math

Ah who knows. I'm in a shitty mood tonight. What else is
new? I was online last night and got to tal to Eric. He
told me about how over the summer towards the end how he
couldn't fucking stand me. Then proceeded to tell me about
everything I've done to piss him off and what's wrong with

Now tonight he asks if I'm mad at him. Oh no of course not.
I'm thrilled. Please tell me more about how terrible of a
person I am. Bring that self esteem up! Ugh, this just
isn't my week.

I have to call work and see if the scheduled me....thoe
dumbasses didn't last week. I think it's because I was sick
as a dog so I called off and then they stopped scheduling
me...I'm not dead just ill people. I don't even get paid
alot anyway. I hate that job. I can't wait til I can apply
down at Borders. I love that store. Yuo get to be
surrounded by books and the smell of coffee...what more
could you want?

I put my downpayment on my prom dress...not that I'm sure
I'm even going to the prom haha. This past Christmas I went
to 3 semis. None of which were my own school haha. Now I
think that I'll be lucky if I can get to one Prom...We'll
see I guess.

I'm just not in the mood for anything tonight. I'll talk
more tomorrow.


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