Mah Life
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2002-03-04 03:19:50 (UTC)


Today was cool. I cleaned my whole room,it took me like
4ever. Then I went to the mall with Selena. When we were walking
downstais,some guys from upstairs are all,Veronica, Selena, I looked
up,and there were like 4 of them all wearing yellow. We didnt know
who the hell they were.Then when we went up stairs to use da
phone,they were all come here,and we said no and walked hella fast.
We got away from them. I dont know who they were.Then when we went
outside, we saw this big ass van and it was all boom boom,omg you had
to be there. We were hella busting up.Lmao ok steve says Im his
stoner buddy now. I got the calling cd,I loveded that song!and I got
prettyfull pink sparkly bracelets,so brian can count them,and I got
this shimmer stuff. Its so pretty,lol.Oh yea and Brian has to
support me and Paulina, and drive us places!haha lol,Ok well I gots
to go,byebye!