2002-03-04 02:47:56 (UTC)

i went away for the weekend. it..

i went away for the weekend.
it was nice.
except for the fact that i had to work one day...
other than that i had a really great time.
i dont feel good though.
my head hurts. my back hurts so much every breath i take is
painfully. my throat is dry and raw. im hot. and cold. i
dont want to sleep because i feel so unproductive. i dont
want to be home. but i cant function correctly outside.
i saw jennifer tonight. and it was good. i love her so
much. shes so great and makes me so happy.
i saw shawn tonight too. his birthday was saturday. i feel
bad because i was out of town and didnt see him. but...of
course. he understood i couldnt be there. im proud of him
for not doing what he was planning on doing. thats awesome.
hes such a great friend.
i dont want to write anymore.