Finding my Light
2002-03-04 02:30:14 (UTC)

Bring Back A New

Hey everyone. It's beed a while since I wrote in
this. Well let me tell you my weekend has been the most
interesting and stressful week of my life (well maybe not
my whole life). I might as well get to the point.
My boyfriend and I finally broke up, though it had come
sooner then I thought. It was really messy. A lot of
words got miss interpitated (spelling). In the end it
ended up being really more of a mutual thing. I miss him a
lot. Later on in the week one of his, and mine, friend
came up to me asking a question. I was shocked on why she
asked a question so-o far out there then she told me
Brandon (my former boyfriend)had told her something that
only Brandon and I were suppose to know. She even gave
details that only Brandon and I knew. I was so-o shocked.
I couldn't believe what I had heard.
I knew I couldn't just let him keep on saying these
things (because my last boyfriend did this to me and I let
him get away with it) so I threatened him that if he ddin't
keep his mouth shut I was going to do something mean. In
the end he just got all pissed. Even after the one person
came up to me several others did after. People even came
to my best friend! Now what am I suppose to think? Now I
don't know what to do. Of course I'm really not going to
do anything to him. I just wish he would answer people the
way he should so that nothing gets started.
I still love him very much. I just have to watch out
for myself now. I won't let what my last boyfriend did
repeat itself. I can't go through that all over again. If
he just didn't do certain things then everything will be
cool. I guess that's what I get for ignoring my friends.
They all told me he would do this, but I wanted to give him
a fair chance to prove them wrong. I don't want to believe
he's as bad as they say he is. When I was going out with
him, I saw something different. I saw someone full of
talent that could do great if he did things right. I guess
he's proving me wrong more and more.