2002-03-04 02:11:25 (UTC)

new to this thing

hey everyone! i'm new at this, so bare with me. is a
short summary of my life story: i have the most greatest boyfriend
anyone could ever ask for. we have been together about a year and a
month now. he is not only my boyfriend, but my best friend too. we
have been through a lot together, but we always get through it. I
love him so much! also i have the awesomest friends in the entire
world. they have been there for me thru absolutely everything in my
life and i am so very thankful for them. anne, mark(my boyfriend),
ej, and amber are a few of my best friends. they are who i turn to
when i really need someone. thanx for everything you guys! you are
the best! *muah* a little over a year ago i lost my closest cousin to
a drunk driving accident. that was the hardest thing i have ever had
to go thru. not a day goes by that i don't think about him and it
upsets me every day, but i tend to hide my feelings from the world
b/c i don't want to make it seem like i live this horrible
life...which i don't. my family has never been close, but ever since
darrell passed away we've gotten a lot closer. well, i guess that
about sums it up...i will write more later. love ya buhbyes ~*me*~