Autumn Always
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2002-03-04 02:10:46 (UTC)


I had a pretty good day. Patrick came over and we snuggled
and talked and played scatagories. I love him so much. It
will be 3 years soon. I'm so lucky to have him. My love for
him is beyond words. And I got the call today from the
animal hospital. I start work tomorrow!!!! I'm nervous as
hell but excited too. I just want to be ok and have this
all work out for me. Oh and dickless left another message
on my other diary. And as I read it I suddenly remembered
it's his birthday. I forgot. What sad pathetic day. An
anonymous post at that because he's a child. Like I DONT
know who wrote it. Knock knock real world calling you
haven't been in highschool for 20 years or something like
that. A 32 year old child/dirtyold man. Could there be a
worse combination? I feel like I'm 5 and he's called me a
snot ball or something thinking I'd give a shit? I have
never pitied anyone the way I do this freak. Doesn't he
know he looks even more the ass now then before? That
everyone who knows about him looks at my page and laughs?
No wonder he never got anywhere in life. I'm begining to
think he has a touch of mental retardation. You know he
always smelled really bad too like he didn't shower or
something, maybe autisim a little bit? God knows he's slow.
Like runing up ringing my door bell and running. I care
because.....? God he's close to 40 and he acts like an
angst ridden child. Poor thing. *sigh* Maybe one day
someone will take pity on him and clue him in. It doesn't
even phase me, it amuses me, entertains me, and he doesn't
even know it! That in itself is pathetic, but if he want's
to continualy be the butt of most jokes around here he can
by all means keep it up....not that he ever could keep it
up, nothing to keep lol. Thats a big one. Ok if I laugh
anymore to myself moms going to come up here thinking Im
nuts lol. On to something that actually has worth. So like
i said I start work tomorrow. I'm waiting for Patrick to
stop back, he's bringing me lunch meat so I can make
sandwiches for lunch this week. Even though I'm close to a
minimarket I don't often take lunch breaks. It will be
easier if I just have a sandwich I can down in 10 minutes.
I think I got everything put aside. Extra shoes and socks,
sometimes they get wet she said when the hosedown the
floor, a jacket for walking the dogs, and studs in my ears
cause the hoops could catch or be chewed on. And old comfy
clothes. Fabulous!!! Ok I'm off for now, I'm going to go
see if Nathaniel is online and maybe get something
chocolate to snack on :)

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