a poetic Heartº
2002-03-04 00:54:29 (UTC)

Unconditional Absence...part 3

An Unconditional Love
That I knew had to leave
For Within these tear-stained eyes
You made me believe

A Love I thought Was pure
That nothing could condemn,
Everything I ever wanted
was shown to me by him,

His arms protected me
from the world of today
ONly the brightness from his smile
Could lighten up my day

No ones ever told me
that I had to move ahead
And for me to never see you again
I might as well be dead

It's an absence of the heart
that never seems to fade
its a longing for a love
that should've never went away

Its when you wonder around
feeling helpless and weak
And when you lay awake
trying to find the answers you seek

He walked out of my life
But not by his choice
I'd give up my whole world
To once more hear his voice

I feel myself breaking down
and my soul is fading fast
My mind is losing thought
how much longer can I last

I love him unconditionally
But he's now gone away
that love will never die
Only grow day by day

Ashley McCoy