a poetic Heartº
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2002-03-04 00:42:25 (UTC)

~*~*GOODBYE*~*~Part 1

I know that your leaving
And we'll have to say goodbye
I'll have to let you go
And I know I'm going to cry

You walked in my life so suddenly
swept me off my feet
touched my soul in many ways
Im so glad we got to meet

No ones ever trated me
like an angel as you did
I tried time after time to get you back
My whole heart I commited

You finally said i love you
you finally saw whats inside
well those finallys will end
and all of me will begin to die

When you walk out that door
Chances are I may never see you again
I just want to keep you in my arms
and never let go of your hand

I do love you
Probly more than anyone has before
And whenever you leave
my heart will shatter to the floor

When you go remember me
Remember the soul torn all apart
Remember I am the one
Who still loves you with all of my Heart.

Ashley Mccoy