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Stringz Personal Diary
2001-05-07 07:03:22 (UTC)

Is life like tht

Well Today i am having problwm with my roomie.
He is bringing hiw girl freind and I am having problem with
tht. Since we talked about it a lot of time but he just
seems to understand it. Don't know why is this happening.

May be he is also having problems with me. Tried asking him
but he just does'nt seems to answer it. Second Kumar is
also having problem. Anyway Dairy, Why Am i saying my
problem to u. ok the good piont in my life. I am being
loved a by a person who is not everything in my life but a
good freinds. She is nice freind but she is deeply in love
with me. Got any suggestions for it.?

Will update u later.

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