The Trials and Tribulations of Ronnie J.
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2002-03-03 23:36:40 (UTC)

March 3 2002

I think something is defenetaly wrong with me.. I think i
am loseing the erge to do drugs specially "e" , acid, and
hard shit like that...Another thing is i think im starting
to like someone...Yeah i do like somone but im not shore if
i ever want to feel that way towards a person like that
again...For one reason " Lukasz " .....What r the chances
of me fallin in love with a straight guy and them likeing
me.....Its like 1 out of 100 chance it would ever
happen..Why me anyways...I will just be hurt again...Mabe
likin chris is one thing but i will never like him the way
i liked lukasz.......Last night christine pilled with the
Son and his two friends...Son had gotten Chris a pill but i
didnt have one so he didnt take it....I like chris and i
love luke two whole diferent words...Well gots to go...

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