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2002-03-03 23:09:20 (UTC)


Today was an assorted day, sort of like an assorted box of
chocolates. Different things but all of them good!

I spent the morning doing the laundry and regular
housekeeping chores, played on the Internet, read the Sunday
papers (and put up the Mutts cartoon on the refrigerator
door) and worked a bit on my June (rooster) block for the
Folk Art Quilt. In the early afternoon John and I went to
Corvallis, taking the scenic route along the river, and went
to the library. I found a dozen magazines I want to read
and picked up the books I had on reserve.

When I got home I made a peach pie and a cherry chocolate
cake and started the spaghetti sauce. I made my Costco list
as we'll be going to Albany tomorrow evening. Now I'm
waiting for John to give me my turn on the Internet and then
I'll work a bit more on the June block before finishing up

The weather is sunny and warm--I have Spring fever!--,
everyone's happy and all's well with my world.