2002-03-03 22:22:40 (UTC)

Sunday 3 March 2002

I'm feeling kinda down. That party last night was pretty
cool - OK, not that much.
I met two guys...Laurence and Philip, who were amazingly
nice, but I still don't think I've gotten over Adam.
I can't believe he has a date for the prom. It isn't fair.
I'm so not going now. Not to see him with a date.
And Sarah? Come on, it's like a charity case deal.
OK, I guess that wasn't called for. But it's the first
thing that comes to my mind.
So basically, school sucks at the moment. Have no clue how
I'm even gonna face him tomorrow, or any other day. I'm
just never gonna talk to him - it's too much.
There's nothing about school tomorrow I'm looking forward
to. Is there really ever?
Monday's not too bad a day in lessons format, but just
being there is enough to make my blood run
The only tiny consellation is I get to tell Vaneesha and
Rachael [if she's in] about Laurence and Philip. OK, Philip
had a girlfriend apparently, but Laurence only ever
mentioned his ex-girlfriend.
Come on, the guy was staring at me all night. I can't
believe I talked to him, usually the staring thing never
ends up anywhere.
But he was really nice.
Gonna go now.

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