Thoughts in the Confused
2001-05-07 06:24:52 (UTC)

weekend end

So it is Sunday again. It seems to happen so fast. I goto
work tomorrow, I have to get back in to this routine again.
It is kind of weird. Not having anyone there. And stuff.

Well, I got stuff to work on anyway. website, poetry, self
study, I just got to get myself to do it.

Sunday was sunday. I did not do a whole lot. A little yard
work and that is it. I hung around downloaded windows xp
2465 and office xp corporate so that is cool

Talked to Mike has said he was going to go home i think
tuesday or wednesday. I am going to miss him not being her
this summer. But what can you do. I also talked to Eric and
he said he wanted to get together this weekend.

i am goign to cut it short and talk to you later.

jdiary2001 (at) gmail (dot) com

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