listen to my silences
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2002-03-03 20:10:20 (UTC)

emergency room

i hate hospitals. i'm not scared of them. i'm scared of
what's in them. i have a huge fear of needles. so i hate

friday night we had a guard practice. my nose started
bleeding at around 7:30. i thought i got it stopped but it
started again. this happened several times. it never
actually stopped bleeding. at 8:00 jackie put ice on my
forehead and had me tilt my head back. it still wouldn't
stop. plus i was getting dizzy from being on my back so
that didn't help. finally at 9:45 they called my parents
and we left for the emergency room at 10:00. jon and
brodie and jackie went with us. we got there at 10:15 and
were there for an hour. by the time the doctor saw me
though it had stopped. so all they did was give me some
nose spray. but i'm not coordinated enough to sniff and
spray at the same time so someone else has to do it for
me. it's funny.

anyways, so i didn't get any practice done. it sucked. we
stayed the night at school and it was fun. the pizza
didn't get there till after one though. we got up real
early saturday morning to leave and i couldn't find my
keys. they'd disappeared. so i couldn't get in my car to
put my stuff in there. we went to competition and my dad
brought me my spare key. we got second (woohoo!) and i
thought we did well. especially considering everyone was
sick or injured. it was a long day though. three and a
half hour bus rides both ways not including stops. after
we got back i took carissa home and went to see jon. we
watched monty python and the holy grail. such a good
movie. it was lots a fun. this morning he went to church
with me. i actually got up early enough to leave here at
9:20. it was crazy. i never am ready until 9:45 at
least. anyways, it was fun. now i'm off to guard to
practice for five hours. then i have to do my cal...lovely

oh well. later all.

final thought: you're all that i want, you're all that i
need, you're everything, everything