El Diablo
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2002-03-03 19:44:18 (UTC)

a day at college.....

Dear diary,

I had a presentation to give today and it went a
desaster... we were supposed to use about 10 mins and ended
up doing it for 24 mins (i timed my self) basically it was
a group presentation of 4 guys for "small group
communication" and we had to speak on the barriors in small
group cross cultural comm. we kinda went off the track and
ended up overlaping on another groups topic. :(
Nways .... its over and done with. now have to work on my
topic for tomorrows presentation. "the use of child jockeys
in the gulf" :) (heeeey .... no one outthere laugh, ok its
difficult to find topics .... atleast for me it is)

Take care

El Diablo