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2002-03-03 18:39:14 (UTC)


Yo! I'm madd confused man! Right now I like 3 guys.
Two of them I NEVER talk to anymore. One's in Jamaica and I
don't think he's ever coming back.... SADNESS!!! One lives
in NC and we never talk. Sometimes I even question his
existance (No offence to him... He knows who he is.) And
the other one I met at the movies. I'll tell you that story

My best friend, Gabe, and I went to the movies one
night. We met some guys. One I thought was really cute but
I didn't wanna talk to him cuz he was tryin to talk to
Gabe. Him and his friend were tryin to talk to her so I got
pissed and I left the theater. Then I came back in. We
still didn't talk. Then that night Gabe and I left the
theater. I still remembered the dude cuz he was cute and
funny but I never thought I'd talk to him. I didn't think
he wanted to talk to me either.

About a month and a half later I found out that he
wanted to talk to me but he didn't think I wanted to talk
to him. One night I got his phone number and I called him.
We started talking and we talked for 2 hours. It was REALLY
interesting. I liked talking to him. Then like not even a
week after we started talking, he told me that he thought I
would be the PERFECT girlfriend for him. Honestly, I got
scared because I've heard EVERYTHING before.

Then like 5 days later he came to my house and we
chilled. We watched movies and played cards and sat there.
We had a good time. Then he asked me out... I didn't know
what to say. Honestly, I didn't even know if I liked him
then. I was just scared because everyone has told me they
loved me and shit but then they ended up hurting me...
Edaire told me he loved me TWICE and I didn't say anything.
I just kept on talking. It's kinda like some guys did to me
in the past. I honestly didn't know what to think. Then we
talked and I cried because I wrote something about him and
how I felt. He understood.

I think I was also scared because Edaire is everything
I've always looked for. He's fun to be around, he interacts
with my family, he doesn't only think about sex, he'd do
anything he could for me, we have a lot in common.... And a
lot more. I guess I was just scared of that because I
didn't ever think I'd meet a guy like him... I never
thought there'd be someone that would treat me with such
respect. I don't know.

I finally realized that I did have some feeling for
him. It was just deep down and I just had to find it. I was
SO confused for a long time and everytime I thought about
him telling me he loved me and I wasn't able to say
anything back, I cried. But I just want him to know that I
do care for him. He's seriously everything I've always
looked for... And if things should happen to go to hell it
would totally be my fault because I know he would never do
ANYTHING to hurt me.

Well... That's my story of how I met Edaire. I think
I'll go now cuz I wanna cry. Well peace... Love,