All Fucked Up
2002-03-03 18:31:29 (UTC)

Denver's New Devil Doll

It had been long awaited for years on my behalf. I couldn't
stand the way she smiled w/those two k-nines protruding,
nor the revealing way she dressed, nor any of the bulging
curves of her body-- not one single one of them. In
particular, I hated her flirtatious ways-- the way she'd
ask anybody for their number and subsequently sweep them
off their feet, unaware of what a devil she really was--
Jeff, a genuine devil doll of Southern California-- a
feisty redhead animal w/killer looks that bought her way
through anything

Everyone loved her more than the other kids-- grandmother
and grandfather loved her to death, showering her w/gifts
and hundred dollar bills everytime they saw her, meaning at
least twice a week, Rita loved her because they were on the
exact same fast wavelength, Roxanne loved her because they
were both immature as hell and therefore thought alike;
also because she was the "older" sister...the one to "look
up to"....there was not a soul alive that didn't love Jeff--
except me. I hated the way she'd mask the ugliness inside
w/a positive outside, the way she'd take double standards,
the netted 30 dollar thongs she'd wear, the way she drove
while talking up a storm on her cell phone that racked up a
250 dollar monthly bill. Her superficiality. All of it. But
as luck would have it, she drove off today in her parent-
bought Camry at 9:30 and rode right the hell out of my life
onto Denver...for good

"I forked the devil doll stool pigeon"-- William S.
Burroughs. This quote reminds me-- when I was a kid
(there's a six year age gap between us) something impulsive
w/in me made me stab her in the head w/a fork