My Life by Jen
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2001-05-07 03:14:48 (UTC)


I'm laying here on my bed with the laptop, listening to
music and reflecting on my day. It was good, I got lots of
time to just chill. I had an amazing sleep and tons of good
dreams, which made me feel extra good when I got up. I
watched movies hung out with my brother...all in all a good
Three things I'm thankful for today:
My brother and the relationship I have with him. I don't
know about anybody else, but me and my brother are so close.
It makes me happy when we just hang out. It's the most
awesome feeling.
Windex. Man that stuff can clean anything. And the fact that
it's in a spray bottle! Geez, I try hard to contain my
My dream I had last night. I wont give out all the details,
but it was just a good of those ones you wish
would come true. One that gives you such an amazing feeling.
So I decided to look it up in a dream dictionary. Nad all
fingers pointed towards sex. Tells ya all what I'M lacking,
huh? *smile*

SO there's my three for the day.

Although I'm sure I could make a list of a bunch more.
At least I'm trying to be optimistical.

For a shield form a storm, for a friend, for a love to keep
me safe and warm, I turn to you....
SOrry, radio moment. I guess this is where I tell everyone
that I'm not quite the mushy person, but I do enjoy some

I've just begun to realize (not that it has anything to do
with what I've told anyone so far) that I am not a complete
romance freak. I think that if some guy cornered me into a
room with rose petals and candles and mushy music I'd flip.
I'd be exactly that: cornered. Don't get me wrong boys...I
enjoy my flower then and again. I just hate feeling
cornered. Its crazy. Romance is good, but give me a date at
Harvey's over a big fancy restaurant anytime.

Well there's something else I learned about myself.

I think I'm just a simple person who enjoys simple things.
Nothing else to it. I love the little things in life.

Today was just one ultra-amazing day.

And now you're thinking: "This is what goes through her

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