2002-03-03 17:43:49 (UTC)

exposing marmalade


last nite i performed at the womanless beauty review.

the funny thing is ... i didn't have a clue that i was
supposed to sing at it until friday afternoon... so as soon
as i got home from school mom had gotten some songs she
wanted me to work on...

song list: heard it through the grapevine, my girl, wild
nights, and LADY MARMALADE.

i know i don't usually listen or do that kinda stuff... but
it was so much fun... i pulled mom up on stage for my girl
and erika up for wild nites. ... and lady marmalade... was
outstanding. i actually did the rap section...
flawlessly! ... i had stayed up all nite friday nite trying
to pin that song... and finally i did it. i wasn't sure i
could... but i did... and it sounded outstanding... the
show even got an ovation. i was astounded. and afterwords,
mom gave erika and me 20 bucks a piece. what and adrenaline
rush. i can't wait to see the movie.

later on that nite... chip and heather and i were chilling
at the house... because erika and amanda wanted to go hang
out at jeff's until midnite... and anyway... amy (erika's
mom) called crying her eyes out... to me and mom over the
phone... ... saying "thankyou so much for being and
influence on erika... ya'll are such a blessing... i feel
like i've gotten my baby back." ... it was really shocking.
i didn't know what to say. it was sweet. ... but i was
just... shocked. i didn't know what to say. how do you
reply to someone telling you that you're a blessing and a
good influence? ...

this morning i woke up with a killer head ache.. and i felt
like my throat was on fire. nothing that a giant coke and 2
advil couldn't fix, temporarily, though...

amanda's in the shower... and after that she's gotta vamp
to her grandmother's birthday party... so... i'm going to
shower her with attention now...