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2002-03-03 17:28:28 (UTC)

They Say Goldfish Have No Memory

...i guess their lives are much like mine
and the little plastic castle
is a surprise every time...
~ani difranco

i feel like a walking zombie at this point. yesterday I
worked a twelve hour day. monday through friday i go to
work early, leave to go to my first class, come back, leave
to go to my second class, come back and stay till 9:30, and
i always miss Friends. brett hates it because by the time i
get home at night, i'm too tired to stay out much later
than one o'clock. and any quality time we do get to spend,
i usually fall asleep or i'm trying to squeeze in some last-
minute homework.

today is sunday, my only day off. i wanted to go out and
get completely drunk and have a great time last night, but
as luck would have it, i passed out at 10:30 PM, still in
my work clothes. if my caffeine addiction gets any worse,
i'll have to start mainlining it straight into my veins.
im starting to really envy my friends. every day when i get
home from work, they've been out of their jobs for hours
and they're already out having fun. it sucks.