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This is Reality?
2001-05-07 02:24:18 (UTC)

Confirmation II

It's been a long day. Long, but good.

LOL... I lvoe this show. A bit weird, but great. The
X-Files... wonderful sci-fi. I love it the way that Scully
won't back down off the XF, and MULDER is the one trying to
do the convincing (ROFL). The show's special effects team
is the best, too. It's amazing what they can do.


Oh, more show.

ROFLMAO!! Mulder and Scully sound like a married couple...
"Did you actually see a space ship? You weren't sure that's
what it was"- "Scully, it had to be a spaceship." -"What it
was, was something that we fell off of." -"Oh come on, you
know that's what it was."- "Mulder, I was unconscious. Do
you have a picture? Yeah, that's what I thought."

I'm done, I promise. I wonder what the ratings are. Hmm.

Random thought.

Okay. I think I was talking about the cake before.

So there is this beautiful white cake with pale pink icing
saying "God Bless You, Jessie" (My grandmother started
apologizing for cutting into my name, and I told her I'd
cut into 'God', so it wasn't that bad, lol), and eventually
we got sick of sitting around doing nothing, so we agreed
to take a break and meet later at a nearby indoor pool.

Mom picked up two pizzas, some soda, and chocolate, and we
met back two hours later. (Works for me!) I went swimming
for a while with the little kids, and then sat around and
talked with the adults.

((I'm getting so incredibly sleepy-- all I want to do is go
to sleep before 11!))

We got dressed eventually and went home.

Church was definetely the best part of tosay. Two of my
aunts refused to sit in the front. One because she wanted
to be able to cry without feeling embarrased, and the other
just doesn't like to sit in front, for whatever reason.

lol.. to each his own.

Good night and God Bless.