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2002-03-03 14:52:28 (UTC)


hey again i havent written in ages! god has reached me
from the depths of my soul and i'm trying to serve him
again. i was reading this book, Seirra Jenson Series, and
i read this scripture passage and it intreged me so i
looked it up. the verses said something about longing to
die and be with god but torn between that and worshiping
on earth. it tuched me and i wound up reading the whole
chapter. it's Phillipians 1:20-23 i think. so if anyone is
reading this you can check it out. my weekend went pretty
good. it consisted of soccer and A LOT of swimming. mom
and i went to Towson on saturday and then on sunday her
and jake and i all went to McDonogh after church like
every other sunday. jake and i went to dad's 'condo' on
friday and slept over. we had a lot of fun. we rented 2
movies and pigged out. i just finished talking to stacey
on AIM. i cant believe that i have found someone who
ACTUALLY gets on in the morning before skool! scary huh.
neways.... i have no idea what is going on with me and
Emmanuel. i think he thinks we're going out but i do NOT
remember him asking me. i want to tell him that we're not
bf/gf but i cant. and i dont know why so dont ask. ugh,
all the troubles of a teen :( yea right i am still
attracted to ryan. he's either 2 or 3 years older than me
and i dont know why i am drawn to him. i hope he is on the
swim team this year so i can charm him. lol not true. mom
is the head coach, maybe, for the waves this season. i
cant wait till it starts. every year i have so much fun.
aight, i have to go get ready for skool. ttyl! -becks

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