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2002-03-03 14:51:27 (UTC)

Dear Dad

dear daddy,
Please let me go to Germany! I dont want to dissapoint
hannah and it's a once in a lifetime apportunity. ever
since i met hannah and we became bestfriends she has
always talked about me going to Montana or Germany with
her. Hannah's parents are in a finacial ditch rite now and
pheobe would be going but they have to pay for her college
tuition and Mr.Jeff isnt working. I know you probably
think i'm immature and too irresponsible to fly to Germany
with my bestfriend and stay 3 weeks with her and her
grandmother in August. But Dad, i am truly more
responsible then most of my friends and Abby. You dont
know what goes on inside my head and how many problems i
have been having or what my school day is like. Yes i go
to school with a gazillion jewish preps and yes some of
them are my good friends. But that doesnt mean i want to
be a JAP or that i act JAPy. Friendship is about different
kinds of people. I have friends who are black, chinese,
jewish, christian; the works. But Dad, i dont want to be
like them. Me being me adds something to the friendship
and something to the time i share with my friends. Just
because my room is a mess and i clean maybe once every 2
weeks doesnt mean i cant handle bigger responisbilities.
My world is changing and i'm growing up and out of my
surroundings and will be going to a whole new place next
year, full of abillion new things and people. You and mom
and abby and jake are changing. When i have a messy room
it makes me feel in control. It gives me something that i
know will always be there and i can change and create and
leave it alone and i have power to do whatever with it. My
world at school is neat and composed. Our house is clean
and perfect. My friends are neat. I like having something
new and different when i come home from all that. I dont
want to walk up stairs and see a perfect space with
everything in order and set to where its supposed to be,
that is what i just came home from. My room is like a safe
shell from all my troubles and from the day. I can plop
down and turn up my head phones and forget. When my bed is
messy when i leave in the morning, i come home and its
still messy, it feels like its waiting for me. If the
sheets are perfect and tucked in and neat, i feel like yet
another person has taken my place. But if the covers are
turned back and my teddy bear is on the left pillow and my
indent is still there from morning, i know that my
"friend" has waited for me. Hannah was so excited on
Tuesday when i called her back and told her there was a
"maybe" chance of me going with her to her favorite
place in the world. I couldnt bear to tell her now that i
cant go. Dad you have to understand. This trip would mean
the world to me and would give me a chance to experience
something. To go away from familar places and actually go
somewhere worth talking about. I have seen the pictures
and i have heard hannah talk with bright eyes about the
everyday life there and the musems and culture and all the
different yet similar people. Have you ever felt like you
just need to step back and take a look? to get away and go
somewhere new. Not forever, but just for awhile and be
somebody different. It would be a life changing event and
i have never known the reality of flying in the air. Dad,
i know you are scared that something may happen to me or
that i will get lost or hurt or worse. But Dad, you cant
hide me from the world or hold me back from this once in a
life time oppurtunity because there is risk involved.
There is risk in everything. Even sleeping. There is
always a chance that u may never wake up again. We could
have been in a crash on the way to school this morning and
died. But then there is still that everylasting calm and
safety Daddy, i dont want to let Hannah down and i want to
actually go someplace where none of my friends, even
Suzanne, have ever been. I want to see the ground and
hills and feel as if they were patchwork. I want to have
something worth telling about and adventures that are out
of my everyday life. Dad, before you say no, just think
for a secound and think about the experience. There is
risk involved in every breath you take and every step. But
not every day do you get a change to travel to an unknown
place and have only one word and person holding you back.
Daddy, i want this more than anything. I need to get away
and see different scenery and land. I need an actual

Please please please consider me Dad,
Rebecca Mae

ps- life is worth exploring RESPONSE: okay, you can go