2002-03-03 14:49:30 (UTC)


glasses! wow, i never thought i would get em. weird huh?
today was i guess a normal day. and i cant decide if i
like stephen or not. i mean, if i did would it be jus
cause every body else does? hes cute and all, i guess
hott, but i would never go out with him. he seems too full
of it and expects to get every1 and thing he wants. not
that hes selfish, just that thats how ppl treat him.
personally i think he is going out with kayla because they
were friends. but i really dont cee y tho. i mean she is
the sweetest thing and i guess guys are atracted to her
cause she isnt shy and all but, seriously, what is the
point in dating bfor high school? there is NO point!!
okay, i'm probably being to harsh and mean now. but i just
want to kno what they think of me, in their heads,
personally. if i could get one wish, it would be to kno
what ppl really think of me. i'm talking to her on aim
now, shes saying how stupid she is. that is so not true.
she is much smarter than i, and how else would she get A's
then? she is very smart and is a much better person then
this one. i want to go to disney world!! i love all that
stuff and i wish i would never have to grow up. i hate
haveing so many responsibilities and worrying about what
everybody thinks and how i should look and what high
school to go to and best friends, or any!!! i had emily
and jen and 'eric' and abby and all my friends. but now
its all judging and popularity and beauty and nerds. wow,
i've writen a lot