2002-03-03 14:48:31 (UTC)

Last Night

Ever since I told Casey that I didn't want to be an "item"
with him, I've felt unwelcome over at Sigma Nu. He barely
talks to me anymore, and when he does it is only for a
second. But he is away for the weekend. I bumped into Ryan
and Dave ( the president and a pledge ) at the Hawk's Nest
last night. They both invited me over to the "Safe Sex"
party. I told them I might drop by after the show at the
Hawk's Nest. Well, after a few songs I really had to pee,
so I ran up to my room and did my thing. I was talking to
Meredith and Suzette, and it turned out that Meredith was
invited too. We left right after Princess Bride was over
with my huge umbrella in the rain. We stayed outside most
of the party, because it looked a little too packed in
there. This alumnus, Russell, was holding the umbrella for
us the whole time. It was really nice of him.
Unfortunately, he was also very much trying to get to close
to one of us. By the time we got inside, Meredith was
making out with him. It was pretty funny. Well, to me and
my friend Diana it was. He walked us back to the dorm and I
let them "talk" outside as I ran ahead of her and thanked
him quickly for walking us back. I heard her come up
stairs, so I went toward her room. She wasn't in her room
though. They were chilling out on the couch in the common
room. Hmm.... next to the sex bed..hmmmm.
When I woke up this morning, I went to the bathroom to
brush my teeth. As I stepped out, I walked toward the
common room to go practice my keyboard. Not only had I
forgotten they were there, but I didn't notice the pile of
clothes on the couch and the people underneath the blanket
on the sex bed. As soon as I did notice, I did a 180* and
went to my room giggling a little. Ohh boy!! Meredith has
got her a Sigma Nu boy.