DayDream Believer
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2002-03-03 12:36:58 (UTC)

Im ready

So finaly I think I ready to talk.
Me and s* have been having some great convwersations
lately, it seems like he care about me and my life agen.
I diddt go to Ed`s party last night, all because of
Lat weekend when I was working things got pretty hot
between me and Tim, This was my ewwkend off so I and my
frind Ivy was out tougheter.
When I came to town the first thing I did was to go up to
my work to see who of the boy`s who was there and if Tim
was there. They told me that he was out on this coub so I
thought well well, the Im not going to see him tonight.
I really wanted him to see me, meet fun me and just not the
stressed girl who is working.
When we got outside The Music Club it was a big line, so
they rased the age to get in, and we diddnt. I was thinking
to go to the place Tim was at, but I diddnt wanted him to
think thet I was following him. So I took Ivy to this other
place where its reaaly easy to get in, they diddt even had
someone in the door that night.
ivy dont go out much, but I have been out since I was 16-17
and at one point I knwe about all the men in the door.
The first thing I sow when I got in was Tim, I got so happy!
He came over to us and we started to talk, he was out with
some frinds of him, include his best girl friend, but sat
with us all the time. Sometimes his best frind came over
cause she wanted him to dance with her so he did, and came
back to us!
I was just going to tha bar to get something more to drink
when scertaly Dante stood behind me and said hi.
I was in schoock, what was he doing wthere?
He said he wassnt planning to run into me, but I dont know.
It was the worst place in the world, allmost dead, no
people, he is old enught to get in other places and he was
alone, what do you think?
So he sat down with us, I hated it, me, Ivy, him and Tim...
Then Ivy had to go to the buss and I said I was goning to
follow her, Dante to.
Tim of couse was staying with the one he came with, but
asked if we would be back. No said Dante and I said yes, Im
just gonna get Ivy on the bus first, and then he smiled and
looked happy.

Ivy got on the bus and me and Dante was alone.
We talked, he talked. Me and this verry cool guy Stan is
like best friends for the moment, Well, we`re been for
about a year, but we dont talk ofthn, but when we do we
talk about everything.
Now its like this, he and Dante dont like each other afther
this thing a few months ago. Now all I could talk about
with Dante was how great he was and how good me mede me
feel. (he has a girl frind, they`ve been tougether for 7
years!) And Dante went all the time, are you sure about
that? I know something about him that you dont know (but I
do) so I asked what, and he said no I cant tell (witch is
true) and I said , no you`re lying. Pepole who know
confidential things dont go around and tell, so I dont
belive you, haha.
He wanted me to come with him to his cusin`s club, but I
said no. I wanted to go to The Music Club. This time I got
in, and I started to dance and have fun.
Afher that I went back to my work to see if Tim was there,
but he wassnt.
Jeje, I had a verry cool night anyway, when it was just me
and Tim.
He was really flirting with me, I love that.
But Im not in love with him or anything, and I dont want a
boyfriend at my work, I`ve done thet once to manny times...