My Life by Jen
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2001-05-07 00:37:03 (UTC)

A response to my post!!:)

"you're not suppose to know what kind of guy you want until
he comes...because sometimes, you end up falling in love
with someone completely different from what you imagined...
just to find out later that you fell in love with him
BECAUSE he's DIFFERENT from what you thought...i don't know
about you but i'm just speaking from experience."

I do believe that this is true....if I was to say that I
wanted someone who was an artist or someone who liked bungee
jumping... maybe. But I do not believe that I should settle
for less in the things that I mentioned. Like if someone
doesn't have love for me, or respect, or think I'm
beautiful, or loves me for who I am, why should I want to be
with them? Yes, my standards are high, but this is what I
feel that I should recieve...its a mutual thing.

Thanks for the posting!! I was so excited when I saw that I
had a message!